Fight like a girl 4 Trista!

Lou Di Bella singer from SubZero, also famous for his fights against cancer, is now fighting this struggle once again. His girlfriend Trista has recently been diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of stage 4 breast & bone cancer that has spread throughout her entire body and into most of her bones. She is fighting what is no doubt going to be the longest, most tedious, absolute most meaningful battle of her life against a devil who shows no mercy for even the strongest man on earth.

Lou put together this great benefit show for her, in his words “This show is to help raise money for any hospital, doctor, medicine bills, gas for the car, food for her and her kids and whatever else is gonna cause her any stress while dealing with this terrible nightmare. If you cant make it then PLEASE re-post this so that it is seen by as many people as possible. I thank each and everyone of you for your support”.

If you can’t come to the show, you can always donate something. Check the Facebook page of the event and the PSA below for more information.

Much respect for Lou and Trista!