Fight like a girl 4 Trista!

Lou Di Bella singer from SubZero, also famous for his fights against cancer, is now fighting this struggle once again. His girlfriend Trista has recently been diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of stage 4 breast & bone cancer that has spread throughout her entire body and into most of

Black N Blue Bowl 2013!

Put the rumors and gossiping to rest, the BNB Takeover proudly announced the complete line-up for this year’s Black N Blue Bowl which will feature a highly anticipated reunion from JUDGE. A complete list of announced bands and details are as follows;

Back on track!

What's up everyone??? Here we're, back from a quite long silence. Due to different personal life commitments we've been mad busy in the last year and a half: lots of work to do and not much time to follow the label as it deserves to. But we're finally ready to hit the hardcore